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Birthdate Pokemon

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3 years ago#161
0511 - Pansage
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3 years ago#162

Me like.
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3 years ago#163

Starmie. Meh.. Not bad.
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3 years ago#164
74 - Geodude.

Rock on! Lolz
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3 years ago#165
0106 - Hitmonlee. Right on.
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3 years ago#166
0630? Virzion? @#@# yeah
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3 years ago#167

So my possible choices are Blastoise, Kakuna, and Cloyster depending on which two numbers I use.

I'll take Blastoise xD
3 years ago#168

White FC: Jack 3997-5952-8118
3 years ago#169

So I get to pick either a Blastoise or Bulbasaur, works for me.
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3 years ago#170

07 - Squirtle
70 - Weepinbell
04 - Charmander

I'll pick Charmander.
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