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Birthdate Pokemon

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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#201
Gastly :)
Wow really
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User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#202

Nidorina (#30)
Charmander (#04) or
Aron (#304)

I'm gonna choose Charmander.
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User Info: hydrocrush

4 years ago#203
822 so i might be a legendary of gen 6 or starter of 7

so i am either fearow or magneton

or turn it around for houndour

ill go with magneton
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User Info: baxter28

4 years ago#204

25 - Pikachu

Hell yeah dude.
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User Info: Devyn_theking

4 years ago#205
0628 - Braviary


User Info: automasophia

4 years ago#206
pikachu if i'm doing this right.

User Info: Brandon00151

4 years ago#207
12/24 so 122 Mr Mime

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#208

#91 Cloyster
#15 Beedrill

>insert sexual innuendos here<

I suppose Cloyster will have to do.
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User Info: DarkTritoch

4 years ago#209
429 ---

#429 - Mismagius - I'm okay with this
#4 - Charmander - SWEET
#42 - Golbat - eh
#29 - Nidoran-F - Ok

I'd have to choose Mismagius. Yay Birthday.
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#210
21st January

So either 121 (0121) or 101 (2101).
I'm either a 10-armed Starfish or a large exploding ball.
Either way, I'm genderless =D

I'd pick the Starfish for BoltBeam, Surf, super speed, and ability to regenerate self.
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