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Birthdate Pokemon

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3 years ago#211
so 100 is Voltorb and 007 is Squirtle.

I pick Squirtle.

Funny, Squirtle was my first ever Pokemon back on Pokemon Blue version.
3 years ago#212

3 years ago#213
0509 in America, which makes me Purrloin. But the American date system sucks.

0905... I'll take the first three and say I'm Shellder.
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3 years ago#214


#12 Butterfree


#23 Ekans


#123 Scyther


#231 Phanphy


#31 Nidoqueen

Think I'll go with Scyther xD
3 years ago#215
0119 Seaking, could've been worse
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3 years ago#216
Camerupt. Meh.
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3 years ago#217
I envy every one that is born may 1 or 2
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3 years ago#218
04/06 - 406 - Budew? Fail.

But If I do the date the American way, month first then day:

06/04 - 604 - Eelektross. Better.
3 years ago#219
3 years ago#220
Seadra 0117
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