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Birthdate Pokemon

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3 years ago#71
06/28 Braviary :)
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3 years ago#72

3 years ago#73
If you see this, something broke gamefox
3 years ago#74
If I never played Pokemon during my childhood, am I a poor fool?
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3 years ago#75
0204 - Pineco

At least my evolution is great.
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3 years ago#76
0924 = 924

Using the 92 = Gastly
Using the 24 = Arbok
Counting the 0, 09 = 9, 9 = Blastoise.

I'll take Gastly, assuming I'm not allowed to use the 0 before the 9 to make Blastoise (people born in September would obviously choose Blastoise, so I'll take the road less traveled and choose Gastly).
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3 years ago#77
3 years ago#78
0801: Bulbasaur, Wartortle, or Slowbro...Shoot.
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3 years ago#79

620 - Mienshao

3 years ago#80
I'm okay with this.
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