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Ever played the TCG?

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4 years ago#1
Huh?Jvivo - Results (99 votes)
Nah, i only collect the cards
17.17% (17 votes)
I don't even collect the cards
4.04% (4 votes)
I played before but never got into it
35.35% (35 votes)
I play Yugioh
11.11% (11 votes)
I play Magic
3.03% (3 votes)
3.03% (3 votes)
2.02% (2 votes)
Heck yeah! TCG is serious business to me!
14.14% (14 votes)
I'll stick with the video games
7.07% (7 votes)
Been intrerested, but may or may not try it out
3.03% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
NaughtyGhost, my fav person on gamefaqs. Props+forever=
4 years ago#2
I'll stick with the video games
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4 years ago#3
Haven't played since I was too young and dumb to know how to build a good deck.
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4 years ago#4
I only collect cards (over 3000 of them) since there is no TCG club in my city so can't join the tounaments.
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4 years ago#5
Yes I do
4 years ago#6
I play YuGiOh.
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Official Zoroark of the Pokemon XY board
4 years ago#7
I played and collected a bunch but never got into it.
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4 years ago#8
I play Yu-Gi-Oh...
And I'm proud of it.
4 years ago#9
Not enough votes!
NaughtyGhost, my fav person on gamefaqs. Props+forever=
4 years ago#10
Used to play it a bit when I was way younger. But most people I knew had no idea how to play...back in elementary school people thought that if they beat you they were allowed to steal one of your cards, and most people would make up rules to let them win, so I usually didn't bother. Played with my first GF's dad a bit in middle school, but he was damn good at it so I lost all the time, and never really played much beyond middle school.

Still have my collection, though.
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