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June pokemon players unite!

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3 years ago#1
Have pride for being born in the greatest month of the year! The month where the 2 best seasons are represented. Our pokemon is Klink (Unova Horoscope even though not all of us are Gemini)

State your birthdate and favorite pokemon.

June 19th

Jolteon (Mew if counting legendaries)
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3 years ago#2
June 22th

BlackFC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
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3 years ago#3
16th Haxorus. Or Reshiram if counting legendaries.
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3 years ago#4
June 30th. Favorite Pokemon is Aerodactyl.

June birthday people are automatically the best people.
Official Chespin of the Pokemon X boards.
3 years ago#5
darkus_f posted...
16th Haxorus. Or Reshiram if counting legendaries.

D: my day was taken.. going away now.

also, Luxray
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3 years ago#6
I'll never let you win, never.
3 years ago#7
Octiber 24th
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3 years ago#8
June 14, Hydreigon. I'm... not particularly fond of the holiday my birthday happens to be on.

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Me: Flag Day.
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3 years ago#9
June 2nd

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3 years ago#10
Mugiloko posted...
June 22th

smh -
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