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Which gen had the worst looking starters?

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2 years ago#1
Topic title - Results (456 votes)
Gen 1
4.82% (22 votes)
Gen 2
13.38% (61 votes)
Gen 3
11.4% (52 votes)
Gen 4
18.42% (84 votes)
Gen 5
42.54% (194 votes)
Gen 6
9.43% (43 votes)
This poll is now closed.
2 years ago#2
Ehh, none of them really.
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2 years ago#3
Gen 5 IMO
it's the best gen so far, but the starters sucked pretty badly
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2 years ago#4
Are people seriously voting for gen 2? wtf
2 years ago#5
Big_Isaac posted...
Gen 5 IMO
it's the best gen so far, but the starters sucked pretty badly

In terms of usage potential, they are. But the worst looking? It's definitely not gen 5
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2 years ago#6
3rd gen, though 4th gen was close.

I will never understand why people love the 3rd gen starters so much. Swampert and Sceptile's designs are absolutely hideous. The only one that's at least okay is Blaziken, and even it I don't like that much.
2 years ago#7
Does this mean just their base forms, or including all evolutions?
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2 years ago#8
Blaziken alone makes it 3rd Gen
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2 years ago#9
Turtwig - okay
Chimchar - okay
Piplup - D'aaaaw a penguin! Classy!

Snivy: D'aaaaaw a walking snake! Classy!
Tepig: eew
Oshawott: Kill it before it lays eggs!

Gen.5 easily.
Now let's sacrifice some chickens! :D
2 years ago#10
Why is it that I'm the only person here that LIKES Oshawott?
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  3. Which gen had the worst looking starters?

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