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Think of your favorite Pokemon..

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3 years ago#31

Grassknot OHKO/SolarBEAM OHKO!!
Fennekin >>> Every other Gen 6 starter
3 years ago#32
MetaFalconPunch posted...
Jolteon vs. Charizard?


Jolteon vs. Mewtwo?

...Charizard, you're officially my least favorite, but just so Jolteon can blast you with a SE Thunderbolt.

Though I am curious to know how mcuh of a chance Jolteon would stand against Mewtwo...

THAT'S what you call "Pin Missiles ownage"!!!
Fennekin >>> Every other Gen 6 starter
3 years ago#33
Ninetales vs...Hmm...I guess I'll go for one of the annoying 'mons you run into all the time. Zubat might be able to pull out confusion hax, but otherwise dies to psyshock or extrasensory. Tentacool just dies to psyshock.
If you see this, something broke gamefox
3 years ago#34
Sableye, Krookodile, Throh all whomp Eevee
Mavs Fan: Official GBASB Vice President/Romancer
3 years ago#35
Natu murders Cottonee. Magic Bounce ruins the poor cotton ball.
hee hee hee
Official Natu of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
3 years ago#36
Zoroark vs Zubat.

It's over hilariously fast. Now to take care of Zubat's billions of siblings.
GameFAQS=why games should be played and people should be avoided.-selfdeztruction
3 years ago#37
Tyranitar vs Vullaby.
Ahahaha, okay.
3 years ago#38
Kyogre vs Geodude.

Bye Geodude, you suck and have the worst name in the entire series
Official Rayquaza of the Pokemon X and Y boards
I like a lot of things. Like Pokemon. And Sonic. And Kirby. And Smash bros. And Coca cola.
3 years ago#39
If Misdreavus has Will-o-wisp, Pain Split, or Perish Song, it beats Wobbuffet easily.
3 years ago#40
My Serperior would hold its own against a decent Garchomp (as it has before like a bawss) Seed it here, Swords dance there, kill it with a Dragon tail or a couple of Lead blades. if it was a good Garchomp I'd probably be effed though
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