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Started a Nuzlocke on my Platinum game

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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#1
Chose Piplup because I never had before (Adamant T_T), nicknamed Pengwin. First Pokemon caught was Bidoof (SHOCKING) nicknamed Biderp. Had to cheat a little bit for my second one because I saw a Budew in the next route but it got KOed by a I walked in the grass until I saw another Budew and caught it, nicknamed Rose.

And boy am I being cautious. Slight bit of damage? RUN TO POKEMON CENTER. I am stocking a bunch of Potions but still, I can't afford to use them all the time.

Saw a Kricketot on another route, caught it and nicknamed it Jiminy. At the Oreburgh gate I was hoping to see a Geodude or Zubat, mostly Zubat because I've never used a Crobat but I know he's pretty darn good. However I saw Psyduck instead. I already had a Water type in Piplup but oh well, I caught it and named it Aflac.

I went to the route above Oreburgh to look for a sixth to catch (again expecting a Geodude) and saw Ponyta, which I'm happy with because a Fire type will be very handy. Named it Geryon after the horse-boss in Devil May Cry 3.

As I went into the Oreburgh mine I saw a Zubat! It is now "Drac", replacing Kricketot/Jiminy.

I do have one question so far though...when you first go into Oreburgh mine it was just an entrance that didn't have a transition like a new route, but obviously it was a different area because it has wild encounters like a cave. This is where I saw Zubat. When you go into the mine there's actually a notification saying it's a new area (Oreburgh Mine). I opted to just consider them both one area so I wasn't able to catch the Geodude I first saw there. What do you think?
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