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Does anyone else think certain pokemon are supposed to be girls?

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3 years ago#31
Female Machoke or Machamp is laughable.

Thank goodness for Gallade, because I could never take a male Gardevoir seriously.

How the **** is Gothitelle not female only?
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3 years ago#32
From: CakeOfLies | #029
PorungaRa posted...
How the hell is Cresselia a girl when meloetta technically isn't.

Meloetta isn't!?!

Yeah like wtf. And Darkrai is Cresselia's counterpart and yet he isn't male. Also the swords of justice are all based on male characters and they are genderless. Pokemon genders are really messed up.
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3 years ago#33
I actually prefer male Ninetales, but only if they're shiny.

Houndoom and Arcanine look masculine to me, but getting a female one isn't exactly a cause for resetting.
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3 years ago#34
Considering that I have a female Charizard, Salamence, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Garchomp, Mr. Mime, Heatran, and Eelektross, a male Ninetails and Mienshao, and almost got a female Conkeldurr, I would say that I don't care about gender.
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3 years ago#35
Gender doesn't matter,it's just a game
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3 years ago#36
ecylis posted...
I don't accept certain Pokemon that look male if they're female.
I don't accept certain Pokemon that look female if they're male.

Would not use female Charmander, that's a game reset right there. Female Axew? Find a male one. Don't care.

So much this
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3 years ago#37
reaverz posted...
All dogs are boys and all cats are girls. Just ask Troy!

finally! I have someone to join me in the dreamatorium!

I had yet to meet someone on this board that watched the show.
Warning! this post may cause severe laughter. viewer discretion is advised...... read it, it's funny!
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