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I was challenged to list reasons why a Dragon-type Eeveelution won't happen.

#11SeilaerionPosted 2/12/2013 6:59:19 AM
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The original 3 evolve to adapt to their environment?

Supposedly, Eevee is supposed to adapt to its environment, it's the evolution Pokemon. The concept of it evolving to its environment is mentioned in a lot of the Pokedex entries.

The stones are said to kind of "force" this process due to its genetics being so unstable. Yet for whatever reason, leaf stones don't for Leafeon, nor do sun/moon work for Umbreon/Espeon.

(Though in XD the Sun and Moon Shards evolve Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon respectively)

So why couldn't there be something dragon related to force it to evolve? This topic is silly.

Exactly. My first response to this thread was also refuting the concept of it being impossible to make it evolve into Dragon.

Eevee have unstable genetics, they can adapt to whatever the hell they please if there's something around to cause it. Including ghosts or dragons haha.

And something people aren't thinking about when they say a normal type evo would look more like Eevee is that the reason they evolve into such a variety is due to their genetics being unstable. So what if, upon stabilization, it changes appearance?

Honestly it seems more plausible than "the bows look like butterflies!" to me. I think people are trying too hard to see what they really want in this Pokemon haha. I don't really care what type it is, I like how it looks regardless. But Normal seems most likely to me from appearance, and Eeveelutions are known for being obvious from their appearance x.x