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Pokemon: Type Islands.

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3 years ago#231
Omelette becomes a sickly green.

"Omelette! Wake up and check out the explosion!" -Omelette.

Omelette becomes ultraviolet.

"Bad Egg, I think that's the smartest thing you've said all day." -Omelette.

Omelette turns sky blue.

"Hey, new guy. Our name isn't Bad Egg! We're a team. Team Omelette!" -Omelette.

Omelette (3-hit combo!) becomes ultraviolet.

"Um, no. Your just a single egg that can change colors and hold a conversation with yourself because you think you're an Exeggcute." -Omelette.

Omelette becomes sky blue.

"Respect our boss! Call us Team Omelette or else!" -Omelette.

Omelette becomes a warm orange.

"Yeah! We're a baker's dozen! Like... A legion, or something!" -Omelette.

Omelette turns pale white.

"Enough arguing, you three! We're heading for the cliff." -Omelette.
3 years ago#232
[Filler... Haven't had to do one of these for a while...]

"B-but... Why are we going towards the explosion?... It could be something scary or dangerous or..."

The rest of the group wasn't listening.

Gubbey stopped walking. "If some creature caused that, then it's going to be..."

"I don't HAVE to go with them, I suppose..."

The Elgyem looked at his surroundings. Not a single soul in sight. The forest suddenly felt five times bigger and more menacing.

"No!..." he whimpered, hurrying to catch up.
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3 years ago#233
Dan was clearly depressed. He stated that he didn't care if they sicced a swarm of bugs on him. "I see no reason to attack you," K replied. "And call me K. Are you saying you're depressed because your Blastoise did not severely injure me?" he asked.
3 years ago#234
3 years ago#235
Oky, I gotta go sleep. Feeling to use my character, go for it.
(Don't post too much, I have to catch up reading you know.^_^;)
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3 years ago#236
Isaac: What the-

Luke: I am confused. Why is THAT here?

Isaac: It's all blocky... Ugh...
I can only do script, mobile again.
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3 years ago#237
Dan: Well...yes...I mean no... maybe? Anyway, whacha guys doing? Oh Arceus, where's Bug Lady? Is she in a tree!? Ms. Bug Lady!! Spare me!!!
It wasn't long before Dan was back to back with Blastoise circling around. Both of their eyes scanned the tree branches. There! He saw movement!
Dan: Hit the deck!!!
He dove to the ground as Blastoise withdrew in its shell and blasted a spinarak out of the trees.
Dan: Oh...uh... sorry little guy. Uhm...wasn't me....
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3 years ago#238
Super Bump Bros. Bump.
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss
3 years ago#239
Dan started panicking as he realized he couldn't see where Alice was, and this eventually culminated in Blastoise shooting a Spinarak out of a tree with its water attacks.

"Will you calm down?" groaned K as Dan apologized to the Spinarak. Alice had been standing behind him, which explained why Dan did not see her right away. "You seem to be under the impression that everybody is out to get you or something."
3 years ago#240
"Hey. Bad Egg. It's that fly you're so scared of." -Omelette.

"W-w-wha-w-w-what d-do I do?!" -Omelette, scared for his life.

"Your reign of terror begins now! Drop your fears and smite it!" -Omelette.

Omelette bounces to the Ledian. The girl that's with it doesn't notice Omelette and kicks him, breaking his shell.

Omelette reforms at the cliff where the explosion occured.

"Ya blew it, Bad Egg." -Omelette.
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