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Pokemon: Type Islands.

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4 years ago#441
Got it memorized?- Axel
Pokemon X & Y takes place in France started 1/8/13 Official Infernape of The Pokemon X Board and Kyogre of Pokemon Y
4 years ago#442
Sorry I killed this with PMD RP ;-;
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4 years ago#443
OcarinaofToast posted...
Sorry I killed this with PMD RP ;-;

Ppl were getting uninterested before u posted PMD RP.
Official Vulpix of the Pokemon X and Y boards.
4 years ago#444
Yes unfortunately
Got it memorized? - Axel
4 years ago#445
K and Alice had arrived back at the cabin. K looked out one of the windows to see a few Feraligatr approaching. "We got company," he said ominously. ".4, we need your assistance!"

.4 zoomed out the window, flew circles around the Feraligatr, and let loose with repeated TM28 attacks. The blasts sent the Water-types scurrying away. K sighed in relief as .4 flew back into the cabin. "The Feraligatr are gone. For now, anyway," he informed Alice. Then he looked, and saw the baby Missingno. on the table and giggling- .4 was flying above it, occasionally letting off small, harmless explosions. Each blast triggered a fresh wave of giggles in the baby. K smiled at the sight.
4 years ago#446
And in case the above post doesn't make it clear, I'm not about to let this RP die just yet.
4 years ago#447
Bump. What, you thought I was kidding?
4 years ago#448
This should have been made after SS died
I don't even know anymore.
4 years ago#449
TableFlip posted...
This should have been made after SS died
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4 years ago#450
Official Admin of Team Miror! Shadow Pokemon: Deino
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