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What if they got rid of the accuracy stat and used more damage ranges instead?

#1RixMaadiPosted 2/13/2013 2:02:40 AM
So all moves will have 100% accuracy, but will widely vary in damage based on its damage range.

Powerful moves that had low accuracy before like Stone Edge could have a chance to do down to 50% less damage than usual to still keep it balanced. Moves like Double Team would just increase the damage ranges for your opponent's moves.

Though, I guess status moves like Will-O-Wisp would have to be reworked. Maybe have the status occur after a duration like Yawn or have the status only last for a few turns.
#2ice_phoenix_Posted 2/14/2013 8:03:51 PM
Evasion buffing/Accuracy lowering attacks should increase the damage window only on the lower end.

As for my thoughts, I don't see it making anything better. If done well, it wouldn't be much more than what we already deal with with accuracy.
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