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What move characterizes each generation's competitive battling?

#1A Novel IdeaPosted 2/13/2013 8:44:13 PM
Here's what I say/said:

Gen I : Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam had no recharge turn if it KOed a Pokemon and criticals were linked to base speed. Yeah.

Gen II : Rest.

The changes to sleep (being able to attack the same turn you woke up) made Rest the best and most prolific recovery move.

Gen III : Focus Punch

An accurate, 150 power fighting move learned by many Pokemon; Smogon sets even recommended that Alakazam and Gengar carry it.

Gen IV : Stealth Rock

The entire metagame revolved around setting these down first turn.

Gen V : Volt Switch/U-Turn

VoltTurn was a strategy invented in Gen V, and employed to great effect.
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#2mustardpi314Posted 2/13/2013 8:59:29 PM(edited)
Gen V is definitely weather
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#3P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 2/13/2013 9:07:48 PM
Gen I:

Hyper Beam. Everything and their mom carried it if possible, and the potential to not have to rest afterwards kept it useful.

Gen II:

Rest. With the introduction of Blissey, many team became centralized around Defense and walling

Gen III:

Spikes. While this gen mainly introduced weather, Blisseys and Skarmorys were aplenty, and the entry hazard marked the beginning of entry hazard, walling teams

Gen IV:

Stealth Rocks. That is all.

Gen V:

Substitute. I see a TON of pokes carrying this. Though strong arguments could be made for any of the weather-inducing moves.
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#4WilhuffTarkinPosted 2/13/2013 9:10:32 PM
*meekly raises hand*

I nominate Body Slam for Gen 1.
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#5RunebogglePosted 2/13/2013 9:10:59 PM
Wrap is a contender in Gen I.
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#6mralpha543Posted 2/13/2013 9:13:06 PM
Stealth Rock
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#7Oblivion_HeroPosted 2/13/2013 9:13:32 PM
Gen I:
Hyper Beam, Body Slam, Blizzard

Gen II:
Rest, Sleep Talk, Curse

Gen III:
Focus Punch, Hidden Power, Earthquake

Gen IV:
Stealth Rock, Draco Meteor, Outrage

Gen V:
Volt Switch, U-turn, Stealth Rock
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#8IrisVilePosted 2/13/2013 9:13:44 PM
Wasn't slash really good too?
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