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What did you nickname your Pokemon?

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3 years ago#11
Espeon- Sparkle
Umbreon- Flash
Glaceon- Sparkle II/ Cryologis
Feraligatr- Duncan
Ampharos- Voltra
Meganium- Leafram
Jellicent- Jellieuro
Salamence- Freewing
Ninjask- Blur
Noctowl- Nocturne
Electrode- Crackle
Blastoise- Erosion
Flareon- Warmth
NidoKing- Xerxes
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3 years ago#12
Oshawott - Pickle
Tepig - Sweety
Jigglypuff - Baloon
Diglett - Cuo
Zorua - .?.
Axew - Wax
3 years ago#13
Cryogonal - Yogurt (true story)
Rotom-H - Toast
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3 years ago#14
Ninetales - Amaterasu
Gardevoir - Megumi
Lillygant - Lilly

These are pretty much the staples (and what I know off the top of my head.)
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3 years ago#15
I name every pokemon from junk to legendaries.

Growlith- Super Joe
Archeops- Kain
Samurott- Cecil
Typhlosion- Dante
Feraligatr- Titus
Emboar- Sammo
Bisharp- Tendou
Alakazam- Sima Yi
Seel- Of Approval
Lugia- Sauerkraut
3 years ago#16
Nothing, I keep them with their real names
3 years ago#17
Torterra - Florenzo
Lucario - Talbain
Gyarados - Leviath
Feraligatr - Mokodo
Arcanine - Rouen
Archeops - Nhack
Stoutland - LilCarpet
Serperior - Elise
Walrein - Goofy
Staraptor - Volg

I think that's all.
3 years ago#18
Nothing because I hate nicknames with a passion | Pokemon White: |
3 years ago#19
Every Pokemon on my team is nicknamed. >_>
Usually a reference to something.

Charizard - Quazard
Ninetales - Lumina
Lilligant - Mimi
Darmanitan - Donkey
Rotom W - Poe
Rotom H - Zess
Espeon - Maya
Umbreon - Phoenix
Vaporeon - Dahlia
Jolteon - Franziska
Venusaur - Pianta
Volcarona - Vulcan
Starmie - Gosei
Lucario - Gavan
Bisharp - Marvelous
Audino - Ahim
Rampardos - Geki
Tyranitar - Burai
Starmie - Gosei
Scizor - Shiba
Politoed - Ikenami
Heracross - Diend
Torterra - Turtilla
Breloom - Roo
Blaziken - C.Falcon
Infernape - Funky
Galvantula - Riley
Metagross - Abedgross
Feraligatr - Krool
Pikachu - Yellow
Haxorus - Shenron
Krrokodile - Nixon
Jirachi - Twink
Victini - Yusei
3 years ago#20
ecylis posted...
Nothing because I hate nicknames with a passion
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