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I just reallized something.

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User Info: AmephEstMako

4 years ago#1
Ninfia = Slypheon
Ninfi = Ninji
Ninji = Ninja
Ninja = Sheena Fujibayashi
Slypheon = Slyph
Sheena Fujibayashi = Sylph

OMG!! Tales of Symphonia Remakes confirmed!
Poison Pokemon Specialist
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User Info: 13022013

4 years ago#2
sylph sounds almost like silph... it's ghost type!!!
silph co. also returns!

User Info: DemonSlayer92

4 years ago#3
Sheena! <3
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and Married to Delia Ketchum

User Info: KEN181

4 years ago#4
DemonSlayer92 posted...
Sheena! <3
Wilf > METROD > Phoenis PAUNCH!!!
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User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#5
*slow clapping*
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User Info: enixrox

4 years ago#6
McTCM posted...
*slow clapping*
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