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Question about battle animations

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3 years ago#1
Does anyone think pokemon will actually run up and hit each other for physical attacks like in Battle Revolution will it be more or less like Pokemon Stadium?
I know in the trailer Froakie uses something like a quick attack but I don't think pokemon will leave their platform for most attacks.
Also, will pokemon still miraculously stand on water if your battling while surfing?
This last thing his more of a tiny nitpick but I want all flying types to stay in a constant flight animation. It kinda pisses me off seeing flying pokemon standing on the ground whilst still having ground type immunity. They should only land if they become grounded due to an attack effect i.e. gravity etc.
Pokemon Diamond-Name:Jack / FC:0043-9308-0032
3 years ago#2
I don't know if they'll do it up like PBR. They will most likely stand on water if you battle while surfing. And no they probably won't because they don't do it for most Flying-types in sprites.
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3 years ago#3
I think in surf battles a little rock or small sand bar should appear beneath their feet.
Pokemon Diamond-Name:Jack / FC:0043-9308-0032
3 years ago#4
This would all be a lot easier to do with 3D models than with sprites, actually.
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