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Smogeon. Poison-type

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User Info: Ku-Ri-Boh

4 years ago#1

User Info: AdeonWriter

4 years ago#2
All I know is I'll be disapointed if we don't at least get TWO new Eeeveelutions.

They can't do this every other generation crap unless they keep giving us two at once, dang it.
Sylveon is flying type. Here's why:

User Info: TheKitchenRat

4 years ago#3
... ... ...

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#4
I prefer the name Sludgeon for a Poison Eeveelution, myself. I even made a sprite for a Poison Eeveelution, look.

(also contains images of two other fakemon I've made)
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