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The Official Non-Official Official Sylveon Type Poll

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4 years ago#21
In that case, Ground is also viable but, it in no other way hints at being a Ground type.
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4 years ago#22
I would like to point out Milotic is not dragon.
4 years ago#23
pure flying type is winning.
4 years ago#24
Have to admit, even if it's not a new type, it's genius for hype the way they did this, what with the ambiguity. Until Sylveon was revealed, I was fairly certain we were never getting a new type. It still seems unlikely, but the fact that it even seems possible has gotten me more interested than I would have been otherwise.
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4 years ago#25
Surprised about how many people think it's flying, you would think like previous Eevee evolutions it would have obvious flying aspects about it. By your guys logic, Clefable should be flying type and not normal lol. xD
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4 years ago#26
I'm calling it normal by the fact that looking at it not thinking it's an eeveelution, you wouldn't think twice anything special about it. I promised myself I wouldn't argue about this anymore. There is nothing about that cat that says anything except normal. No wind powers, flying, I'm just saying it's wierd people are projecting like crazy it has some random type just cause it's an eevee OW I STEPPED ON A LEGO
my sig was getting old.
4 years ago#27
a lego?
4 years ago#28
Michaeloll posted...
a lego?

It hurt like hell.
my sig was getting old.
4 years ago#29
Gotta be normal. Looks like any other stereotypical normal type I've seen in the past (pink, uses normal attacks). And if "Sylv" really does mean fairy, then I think this is more evidence that it is a normal type since most fairy pokemon are normal types.
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4 years ago#30
I wonder if there is any relation to Sylvia from the White Forest.
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