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If you were a Gym Leader, what would be your primary Type?

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User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#41
Ground Type: Torterra, Golem, Camerupt, Gliscor, Excadrill and Flygon

User Info: Silver_Sparklet

4 years ago#42
Ground Type Leader here:

Opening Quote: You think you have what it takes to beat me kid hmph! bring it on! i'll tear you to shreds!

Battle Theme:

Signature Attack: Earth Power

Gender: Unisex

AGE: 67 (Looks to be in his early 20's due to special diet and routines)

Height: 5'8
Weight: 205 punds
Build: Muscular/Athletic
Hair Colour: Silver
Skin: Honeydew Brown
Eye Color: Amber Red

Personal Theme:

Personality Referance: Launch from Dragon Ball Z (blonde version)

Random NPC: Commander Sychu is very hard on us but I have a feeling that deep down inside she really cares about us and just wants us to do our best.

npc1 : Commander is such a hotty my dream is to one day marry her.
npc2: Good luck with that..(WHAT IS HE INSANE!)

Birth Place: Sevii islands

Random Quote (northern training grounds): I want you to get those goddamn karts loaded on the truck ASAP! that is an order!

Random Quote 2: You kids have nothing on the trainers of my era. Why their was a trainer so skilled, he took down an entire team rocket base on his lonesome but I wouldn't expect you kids to believe something as silly as that..

Trainer Name: Sychu

Quote upon defeat: ...tch, not half bad.

Final Quote: You've done well son I always kn knew (coughs) you had it in you. Iím proud that I could have you as a student and that I could see you drive yourself forward in've grown to be a fine young man (crying voice) give em hell __players name__!
(it seems my older brothers spirit lives on in this young man..)

Final quote music:

Occupation: Sinnoh Ressistance Special Forces Drill Sargeant

User Info: goduvdbz

4 years ago#43

User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#44
Ground: Swampert, Krookodile, Excadrill, Gliscor, Nidoking, Hippowdon
GT: Tommy XD001
3DS FC: 4682-8954-0442

User Info: person_pitch

4 years ago#45
If I were a gym leader, I would do something a little more expansive than monotyping. I might have inanimate poke'mon, or dog-like poke'mon, or weird poke'mon (dunsparce, mawile, reuniclus, etc.).

User Info: houndoomsday

4 years ago#46
Water i'd be like bralwy somewhat mixed with koga and a pinch of gary
and of course Houndoom

User Info: Lagfile

4 years ago#47

Would say Ice, but I love the Flying-Type!

Go Candice! Say it with me: Candice! yay!
Emerald and B2 Calamitous Challenge. Waiting: Pokemon X/Y CC. HG, Platinum, Black and LG CC complete.

User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#48
Water. Let's see would be

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 years ago#49
Steel, somebody has to do it right.

User Info: Two-Face

4 years ago#50
I'd definitely use Psychic.
Fry: Attention New New Yorkers: stop acting so stupid!
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