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HOLY! Omg!! *Pokemon BW Manga spoilers*

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User Info: Prodozul

4 years ago#21
JC152 posted...
Cheesepower5 posted...
Is this the new Pokemon Special? I fell behind in the D/P arc and haven't bothered catching up.

Anything as badass as Gold yet?

*Spoiler warning. Unmarked since this is a spoiler topic anyway, and this is part of the B/W manga btw.*

You did say you fell behind, so here's a summary of the arc that creates massive problems.

The plot got somewhat worse in the HG/SS conclusion, with plotholes that leaves Sird/Saque? either the master of Xanatos Gambits, or just dumb luck. Apparently, the gods of space/time/antimatter were dead/banished until Arceus brought them back so that they could destroy the human race, in spite of being able to do this itself. Since the D/P trio never existed until that moment, Sird/Saque? master plot is thrown into chaos, since it hinged on the D/P trio existing prior to HG/SS. (Emerald?)

The way I understood it was one of two ways
1. Arceus created a new trio for whatever reason
2. Arceus is somehow moving them from Sinnoh over to the Sinjoh regions.

Although I must admit it's been several months since I've read the DPP arc and I may have forgetten crucial events.

User Info: Jrx1

4 years ago#22
Okay, back to the BW Manga.

Black will battle Iris as his next opponent in the League. Her Fraxure appearently evolves into Haxorus.
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User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#23
Zelly will like that shot of Marlon. XD
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