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multi attack slot idea

#1SarojPollardPosted 2/17/2013 4:06:18 PM
would you guys like this - Results (17 votes)
idea 1
0% (0 votes)
idea 2
58.82% (10 votes)
5.88% (1 votes)
keep it the same (4 moves only)
35.29% (6 votes)
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idea 1.
this idea just hit me when I was reading a lot of post
what if they gave use 5 or 6 attack slots
but some moves like flare blitz or close combat take up 2 slots

idea 2.
or it would be cool if we could have have a attack reserve spot were we could keep like 2 extra move and we could only swap out move when were not a battle
what do you guys think
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#2FuneralCakePosted 2/17/2013 4:07:28 PM
Nope and maybe.

It would be nice to have a "utility move" slot for moves that can only be used outside of battle, like HM moves. These moves can't be used in battle, however.
#3SarojPollard(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 4:09:04 PM
of course attacks that take up 2 slots would do a little more damage to make up for some pokemon having only 3 attacks, if each attack take up 2 slots
Your no match for my ALLSTAR STARTER pokemon (-o-)