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wolf spider pokemon

#11SymphonicGloryPosted 2/17/2013 10:21:33 PM
The pictures of the spiders are adorable, especially that little one. And the wolf/spider hybrid fakemon is pretty cool. I'd fully welcome that as a real Pokemon.
#12Hero_Of_RhymePosted 2/17/2013 10:33:02 PM
UGH! Thanks, I'm totally freaked out now. I have arachnophobia.
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#13BitterfreePosted 2/17/2013 11:18:18 PM
I think spiders are simply adorable, often even gorgeous.
We definitely need more in the Pokémon world. As they say, the more, the merrier!

You're welcome. <3
#14Wolfspider86Posted 2/17/2013 11:31:48 PM
I welcome the idea of having a wolf spider pokemon, I personally think that it would be great and that the fans can finally appreciate GameFreak for making us an extravagant new pokemon that we can all love and worship
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