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We need a troll pokemon.

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User Info: MukAndMew

4 years ago#11
Type: Dark

Pokedex Entry: It enjoys the misery of other Pokemon. Some of it's tricks include snare traps and provocative conversation. It is very lazy though.
Pokedex Entry 2: Trollargic commonly taunts and provokes other Pokemon, but flees when they threaten it. It doesn't do anything else.
Ability: Prankster/Thick Fat

DW: Defeatist

HP: 69
Atk: 93
Def: 109
SpA: 90
SpD: 64
Spe: 45

Notable Moves: Nasty Plot, Chatter, Taunt, Slack Off, Dark Pulse, Snarl,

i hope this is the troll you mean
I'm home.

User Info: lilaschildkrote

4 years ago#12
Sableye is a troll.
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