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Your Reaction: Gamefreak's final act for the Pokemon series.

#11MephilasPosted 2/21/2013 3:05:02 PM
Whew. Thank go.....wait, how are all those people gonna make money now!? (not the CEOs or the big wigs, but the talented developers/artists)
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#12toffster92(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2013 3:12:10 PM
MetaFalconPunch posted...
toffster92 posted...
Yeah... not the best idea I've had. I usually get 3 maybe 4 good ones while I'm on the white throne. Must be having an off day.

But still, barring the game per console limit, it would be a pretty good way to end the series don't you think?

NO! It'd be terrible!

How so?

Each gen would get a revamped remake, thus silencing all the gen n fanboys.
No more need for Wi-Fi events and everyone can get their favorite legendaries.
More than likely, people are going to buy more than one version, so this would be highly profitable for a series that is ending.

I think it's a Win/Win for all.
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