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2 years ago#61
Being Ghost/Psychic would be pretty cool.
2 years ago#62
Fire/Electric :P
Official Toy Zorua of the Pokemon Scramble U board. Official member of the Fennekin club! Fennekin: (Steps on you)
I AM FENNEKIN! I claim the Wave Beam!
2 years ago#63
i'd be psychic/electric
because im such a strange person xD
and because im using my pc/nintendo stuff almost 24/7 :P
2 years ago#64

Because i can often tell what people say before they do it (Like mind reading), and Dark because i'm serious.
Officia Arceus of the Pokemon X and Y boards
~The God of Pokemon!~
2 years ago#65
Myself. Ok, now what?

Oh, that. Alrighty then.

I'd probably be normal/fighting or fire/fighting. Maybe even just fire. One of those three I guess.
2 years ago#66
I'd be normal, very unoriginal don't excel in anything. Aside from weight I like to compare my self to Snorlax, lazy sleep a lot eat a lot.
GT: hawkeye2188
2 years ago#67
I am Water Fire
2 years ago#68

oh wait.
This Pokemon is now my sig.
2 years ago#69
Dragon and Dark. Now what do I do-
*Hydreigon used Hyper Beam!*
Official Miror Admin Of Shadows.
Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar
2 years ago#70
Ice/Normal. I'm super weak to getting punched.
I think never is enough.
Gamertag: Icecold229
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