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Did you ever skip a gen?

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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#81
The only games I "skipped" were FireRed and LeafGreen.

And that was only because I couldn't get either...
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User Info: henriue

4 years ago#82
i skipped gen 2 but not voluntarily , when we got Red/blue, they only had 1 save file, so my middle brother said "blue's mine" and my older brother said "Red's mine then" and I, the younger brother, cried. When gold/silver came out my middle brother said "Gold's Mine" than my older brother said "Silver's mine then" and I, the younger brother said pi**ed off, because i was older "AND WHAT DO I GET!?" They said "You are the luckiest! You get red AND blue." and we also had to share one gameboy.

By the time gen 3 came out i played it on the emulator, and by the time gen IV came out we were each in charge of own money.

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#83
I skipped Black/White, and Black/White 2.

I'll be getting Pokemon Y though.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#84
No. I played at least 1 game from each generation.
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User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#85
Yep, didn't play a few actually Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or the BW 1&2, last gen I played/playing is SS/HG. Havent decided if I'm picking up X/Y yet because I'm still on the 2nd Gen DS. : D
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User Info: ToadWarrior

4 years ago#86
Skipped gen 4...

Bought gen 5, didn't play.

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#87
No i almost skipped Gen 3, but after i got Leaf Green i decided to get Sapphire

User Info: ballermat982

4 years ago#88
I skipped 3rd and 4th gen. When I was a younger I had Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver. Then I didn't play another Pokemon game again until about two years ago in my second year of college. I started with Fire Red and absolutely fell in love with Pokemon again. Then I played Sapphire which was okay, and then Pearl which I love. I haven't played Heart Gold or Soul Silver but I really want to someday. I have played Black 1, but I haven't played Black 2 because I didn't like Black 1. X/Y looks pretty f***in awesome though!

User Info: LionHeartSJT

4 years ago#89
Never "Missed a Gen" just refuse to play the newest one -_-;;
Black and white 2.....seriously

User Info: Yams

4 years ago#90
Haven't played the Black/White generation. Yet. Other than that, I probably own over half of the main series.
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