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Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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3 years ago#481
Graveler. Eh...not terrible.
No good deed goes unpunished
3 years ago#482
11+9+20+5+4+4= 53

3 years ago#483
148 = Dragonair.

Not bad, once I evolve it. :D
-First things first, but not necessarily in that order.-
3 years ago#484
almost to 500
Go Catgirls!
3 years ago#485
Dang, I never expected this topic to be so popular.
Can I offer you a drink? How about this expensive prostitute?
3 years ago#486
If my math is right, Starmie.
Poll: (E(:{)) Mario:40 or Kirby:54 (>'-')>
(>'-')>=={#} ...I've got nothing. Just pretend there's something funny here.
3 years ago#487
I dont want to be a Voltorb
3 years ago#488

I am........ Dratini!
Actually, that's decent, considering it turns into Dragonite.

But, if you multiply by 4, subtract 20, and add 3; you get 579.
Which is Reuniclus for you people who can't math.
I wish Reuniclus was my dad...
3 years ago#489

I am a Scyther.
A horrible person:
I am a horrible person. That's what it says: a horrible person.
3 years ago#490
105: Marowak
:D I'm happy with this.
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