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Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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3 years ago#61
Introducing V2 with more diversity!
Can I offer you a drink? How about this expensive prostitute?
3 years ago#62
Poliwrath, awwww yeaaaaaaaah
GT: WoodyBard
3 years ago#63

Could be worse.
3 years ago#64
5+21+20+3+8+1+14+7+5+12+9= 105


Not too good, not too bad.
Gamertag: DahDutcher
3 years ago#65

So, #135...Jolteon?

Dude. That is freaking awesome.
Flight is freedom. Break the sky.
3 years ago#66

*Grabs 19 rare candies*

Black2 FC: 3526 1347 5979 Name: Mia
3 years ago#67
Machamp. Decent enough i guess.
PSN:BlueXMage XBL:jfellipe
Official Power of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.
3 years ago#68
= Dratini, not bad at all
"A Dining Room!" ~ Barry Burton - July 24th 1998
3 years ago#69
Venom in her eyes; reeks of death. She looks to me and smiles, "How was your last breath?" -Anemandae
3 years ago#70
160: Feraligatr

...I can live with this. Far Serperior to my Uxie result in the other one...
Founder - IRDC AND Fluffy the Friendly Deathclaw Fanclub
ULCE#: 9,426 of 53,160; Misty is mine!
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  3. Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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