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I had an idea to replace HMs that are not key items

#1henriuePosted 2/25/2013 9:06:33 PM(edited)
Hold items that not every pokemon can use

In battle: raise the damage done by slash moves (Cut, slash, night slash...)
outside: of battle cut small trees.

In battle: Raise power of fighting type moves
Outside of battles: Rock smash

In battle: Double Evs gained
Outside of battle: Strength

Saddle (Replaces bike)
In battle: (no idea)
Outside of battle: ride a pokémon (Who needs a bike when i can ride entei?)

You can always remove them before an important battle, and could introduce a lot more situations because of it, stuff like rock climb, or jumping to upper ledges.
another alternative could be this: cut becomes a TM and holding a blade raises the power or crit rate of cut.