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Best Fire-type Starter?

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4 years ago#21
ChackNorris7 posted...
Nomytaker posted...
Cydnaquil, then Torchic. Both were great in-game team members. Typhlosion and Lugia took down the E4 in like a weird Tag-team sort of way.

I'm hoping to pick Fennekin in X. So I hope he'll became another team member, not really mad if he becomes another Fire/fighter, but would like a change.

I fixed it for you.

You know, that took me too long to figure out what you fixed.
Sic vis pacem, para bellum
4 years ago#22
4 years ago#23
Cyndaquil. My favorite line of all the starters and one of my favorite lines in general.
4 years ago#24
Charmeleon is boss, probably my most favorite design of the starters.
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