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Most/Least Favorite Abilities!

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4 years ago#11
MF: Contrary. Because even though it's not legal yet, DW Serperior is ****ing hilarious when it works.
I summoned a baby to attract a lion. It didn't seem to work, so I tried a delicious baby.
Regular baby ATE delicious baby. Horror....horror.~Gameplayingperson
4 years ago#12
Best: Flame Body and Magma Armor, for speedy egg-hatching.
Worst: Static, for almost always paralyzing me when I need it the least.
4 years ago#13
MF: Sturdy, actually. The new Gen V mechanics made it AMAZING. A free Focus Sash, yes please. On the other hand, it makes killing wild Pokemon more painful than necessary.
LF: Truant. Who thought this was a good idea again?
I am a Christian, and proud of it.
Common sense really isn't so common.
4 years ago#14
Magic guard.. Skill swap it to slaking with toxic orb. Wait a turn. Pawn truant off on enemy. Nuff said.
Oblivious. Attract is stupid. Might as well throw in cute charm with oblivious. Dumbness.
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