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do people really like sylveon?

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2 years ago#11
I am pretty much indifferent towards it. I think no more Eeveelutions were really needed.
2 years ago#12
I like it. Not my favorite eeveelution, but then again it's kinda hard to beat glaceon in that regard. As long as it's not a normal type it'll probably make my favorites list.
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2 years ago#13
I like it used to hate it though.
2 years ago#14
I seems a bit too.....stylized and "flowers and sunshine*", the ribbons just seem like a bit too much, but i guess since they covered most of the original special types, they eventually had to draw the line with the themes somewhere eventually.

Or maybe Sylveon looks like that because they designed it with 3D in mind, rather than basing most of its original appearance due to sprites like how the older Pokemon were.

To elaborate on the sprite theory; just look at Koffing's R/B sprite...the Skull and Crossbones above its face, eventually once the Anime (and Yellow) came about, its appearance was standardized so that its face is above the skull and crossbones.

Even other Pokemon were streamlined, such as Charmeleon losing it's back spikes.

* Not it's a bad thing, just that an Eeveelution's type can usually be determined by the color and general themes; Red for Fire, Blue for Water....then gets slightly complicated with Glaceon, but although the "hair" makes it look feminine, it looks more calm thus looks like an Ice type.
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2 years ago#15
I think it's cute.
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