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ITT: We list Pokemon Charizard can beat 1 on 1.

#1EonPaladinPosted 3/2/2013 1:49:01 AM
#2KitschgardenerPosted 3/2/2013 1:50:01 AM
Shedinja. Poor thing.
#3wufei8706Posted 3/2/2013 1:50:24 AM
#4LightningHawk90Posted 3/2/2013 1:51:25 AM
Hi. I'm RageKaiser. I'm here to ruin your unfunny topics.
#5noname2lazyPosted 3/2/2013 1:52:29 AM
Blastoise he did it once he can do it again.
#6kwando1313Posted 3/2/2013 1:56:15 AM
"[Soccer] is like chess, only without the dice." -Lukas Podolski
#7iKhanicPosted 3/2/2013 2:11:57 AM
Not changing this sig until we get a new main series Tales game released on a Nintendo console in the US
#8lazycomplifePosted 3/2/2013 2:14:53 AM
--- -lightning_deity -ecylis
#9CaomiausPosted 3/2/2013 2:16:12 AM
Card games on motorcycles!
#10Izaya_sanPosted 3/2/2013 2:16:48 AM
Darkrai. Or at least that's what I want to see happen after that league match...Seriously, I think Charizard is on his way to being a legendary buster. God I sound like a fanboy -_- but whatever.