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I've never raged so much at a Pokemon game before.

#21Decon082Posted 3/3/2013 4:08:35 AM
SoulAssassin226 posted...
Haven't played the old gameboy games in a while, but can't you see what area of the map Entei and Raikou are currently in? I'm currently playing through SoulSilver and I ineptly knew to run back and forth between two routes/town until one of them was close so I'm guessing I did that back in the Crystal days but now that I think about it maybe I got that idea from the roaming Pokemon in Diamond/Pearl.

Yeah, but in Crystal, you don't get to encounter them first like you do with Mesprit, Cresselia, and some other roamers. You have to randomly find them first, which is a pain.

I remember seeing Entei once on my Crystal version when I was younger. It fled from me, so I shut off the game, thinking I'd have another chance. Sadly, I never saw it again...
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#22Shadow_StarWolfPosted 3/3/2013 5:01:54 AM
From: Skull_pro | Posted: 3/3/2013 7:00:02 PM | #017
And BW1 having only Tornadus/Tundurus

And even then unlike the older roamers, you can easily tell if they are present, and they generally are the first encounter.
#23Rupin_Salesman(Topic Creator)Posted 3/3/2013 5:18:31 AM
Caught them both and got Ho-Oh at last.

I found Raikou in Route 29 and Entei in Route 42.

I chased Entei for 3 hours and caught it. I used my Master Ball on Raikou.
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