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If you were born in the Pokemon world, which region would you want to live in?

#1SilverSockPosted 3/3/2013 1:01:43 AM
Given the choice, which region of the Pokemon world would you want to live in? - Results (231 votes)
9.52% (22 votes)
Kanto-Sevii Islands
1.3% (3 votes)
16.45% (38 votes)
27.27% (63 votes)
11.69% (27 votes)
25.54% (59 votes)
2.6% (6 votes)
Gen VI Poke-France
3.03% (7 votes)
2.6% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Would your answer differ from what you'd say for "best region?" Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.
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#2TenzhiPosted 3/3/2013 1:35:04 AM
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#3Yami_KagePosted 3/3/2013 1:35:17 AM
I voted Hoenn cuz it has a lot of water, however it's not what I would consider the best region gamewise.
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#4BurningFlareXPosted 3/3/2013 1:58:52 AM
I'd rather not live in Hoenn, it has too much water and volcanoes and weather problems.
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#5fox444fPosted 3/3/2013 2:03:04 AM
Johto, specifically goldenrod city. decent sized city with a casino. the park is right up north, and the pokeathelon is just a bit west of that. Vulpix can be found east of the park. it would be awesome.
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#6lazycomplifePosted 3/3/2013 2:04:12 AM
I'm really loving Hoenn right now.
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#7Goten55Posted 3/3/2013 2:06:28 AM
Hideyoshi Month!
#8wind64aPosted 3/3/2013 2:08:16 AM
Sinnoh, partly because Canalave City has a huge library.

The Ransei region would be pretty cool too though.
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#9CM_PonchPosted 3/3/2013 2:08:35 AM
Kanto, because I want Charizard >_>
#10Silver_SparkletPosted 3/3/2013 2:31:37 AM
I would spend early childhood in the sevii/orange islands, but later would wind up in the sinnoh region when it's all said and done. I really love topics like this, ever since i was about nine i would secretly wish that upon a star if i where to die i would be reborn into the pokemon world.
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