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Is non-soft boiled Clefable viable? (Archived)basketheadx312/6 12:14PM
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After 7 hours of soft resets I got this diancie.... (Archived)
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Unholy_Spork1112/6 11:29AM
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I still don't have Alpha Sapphire (Archived)ultrarotom812/6 2:20AM
Need palpitoad please! >< (Archived)Murderlistic312/6 1:03AM
Druddigon is good. (Archived)
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NinjaAurorus1312/5 10:55PM
Why does Flygon even exist? (Archived)
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KReborn50012/5 7:26PM
Competitive shuckle (for the heck of it xD) (Archived)midgitninja11012/5 5:42PM
Want to get into competitive battling/breeding. (Archived)
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umop-apisdn3312/5 12:13PM
Someone make a Pokemon meme for me. (Archived)letsduthisnow02512/5 9:34AM
I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Francis345512/5 9:15AM
What is the soonest I can get a Caterpie in game? (Archived)ZombieAkane212/5 8:37AM
Metronome should be banned (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz1112/5 8:05AM
Lucario fills me with so much joy (Archived)BluntGrunt412/5 7:30AM