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I'm pretty sure Sylveon IS flying type now..

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3 years ago#151
Yeah...a better idea would be a Soda-type.
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3 years ago#152
no. flying type.
3 years ago#153
Stop. Bumping. This.
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3 years ago#154
Just chiming in, the reason people are pointing out that Gamefreak is being coy with Sylveon's type is because, well, they specifically mentioned its type and made a point that it was unknown.

Unless Gamefreak also brought attention to Reshiram and Zekrom's types pre Gen V, rather than simply not saying anything about them, I'm not sure it's quite a parallel case.
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3 years ago#155
DoctorJimmy133 posted...
Stop. Bumping. This.

Yeah, we've seen this topic, like, 10 million times already.
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3 years ago#156
aww! sylveon is adorable! i think fairy type now!
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3 years ago#157
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3 years ago#158
hey tiger! ^_^
3 years ago#159
Too Bad! Daisy Time!
3 years ago#160
OhYeahDaisy posted...

Please stop using your obvious alt to bump this thread, Michaeloll.
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