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Pokemon team of 4... (Archived)megaman gamer86/8 9:20PM
funniest Pokemon comic you ever read (Archived)FenrirDomino76/8 11:15AM
Pokemon Showdown Replays (Archived)Brandon04248716/8 7:04AM
What would be a better moveset for my Venusaur? (Archived)Technickal126/8 5:40AM
Which is a better new ability ability? (Poll)MickeyRocksa36/8 12:20AM
Item Help? (Archived)Arcenas16/7 8:34PM
*makes a topic about Volcanion* (Archived)SSBBSB36/7 7:15PM
YR: In Z/XY2 we can deliver chocolate (Archived)Duncanwii16/7 5:11PM
If a japanese Diancie has an english name is it legit? (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB26/7 3:39PM
We're 6 generations in and there's still not a "Scan" move. (Archived)Octaivian_Rex106/7 1:44PM
Do Pokmon injector codes HAVE to be on a website, or can I print them out? (Archived)SSBBSB36/6 9:18PM
mega sableye in pokemon x & y (Archived)monochrome0856/6 7:45PM
ITT: We Try and Buff a Pokemon Making it viable (Archived)Mr15555156/6 6:25PM
Even WonderTrade has it's idiots.. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FenrirDomino186/6 2:32PM
How come Malva gets rematch dialogue... (Archived)Technickal146/6 1:23PM
Focus Miss (Archived)Mneme36/6 12:50PM
are you tired of gender ratios being uneven? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
FenrirDomino266/6 11:55AM
Type in this pokemon's name and add "The Hedgehog" to it on Google (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I_Am_Fire236/6 9:48AM
I keep using Earthquake against Rotom, and I don't know why, pls help (Archived)bast99976/5 6:37PM
Diancie keep it or not? (Archived)MarchHare726/5 3:58PM
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