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People take too long to respond in showdown

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2 years ago#1
What's wrong with them? This is why I always set a timer as soon as I start.
The bottom line is wrong
The top line is right
2 years ago#2
I've had problems with this, too. And I think the timer should be at most 90 seconds.
I <3 you
2 years ago#3
120 is fair I'd say. If you can't wait two minutes, start another battle.

Also, I just got back into Showdown today. And I seemed to be doing really well with this random team I made in less than ten minutes, so at least I haven't forgot everything about Pokemon.

And I'm thinking that I would like to battle people from GFaqs. I'll make more teams in a few different tiers (all my teams got deleted randomly a while ago, which is why I stopped), so that I can battle them in whatever tier they wish. Can't tomorrow, but maybe Sunday I could.
Where is my desk?
2 years ago#4
You and me, Cpt_Calamity. It'll be a battle for the ages.
A Scandalous Fox...
2 years ago#5
The one thing I don't like about the timer is that my laptop often lags, so the timer begins while I'm still watching the previous turn. Then I can't ask my opponent to stop it, and I end up losing because I'm still watching the previous turn. The timer is a good system, but sometimes it ruins a game for me at least.
Ash Ketchum is a Timelord; he never ages!! That or a vampire...
Official Umbreon of the Eevee Corps *Evil Laugh*
2 years ago#6
I have to do that as well. Does it really take some people that long to think?
2 years ago#7
They panic when they're losing. Or they're looking up how their Pokemon will fare on a damage calculator.
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  3. People take too long to respond in showdown

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