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NOM171/10 4:20PM
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Your most Hated Pokemon (Archived)
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Should I keep this Tyranitar? (Archived)raichu2151/10 8:28AM
ITT: We post interesting Pokemon names in other languages (Archived)
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LightEmperor191/10 8:13AM
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What would be the best Pokemons for a giveaway??? (Archived)Yos3611/9 7:52PM
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Think of 4 pokemon. (Archived)
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zeatwo261/9 3:27PM
Finding a Sudowoodo on Route 20 (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex61/9 3:21PM
Does anyone here own X/Y but not OR/AS? (Archived)
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8Panda211/9 2:58PM
Water should be weak to poison (Archived)Noize1661/9 2:49PM
HP fire help and Magnemite help (Archived)MineralPlusBox91/9 1:06PM
Need Water Safari. (With Poliwhirl/Poliwag) (Archived)AosaAosa21/9 9:24AM
For those with the Shiny Charm, how's that going for you? (Archived)Zero369671/9 8:28AM
Why did Game Freak gave Regigigas such an awful ability? (Archived)
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Fatalfruit161/8 11:33PM
Mr. Mime and new friends (Archived)AllDaySlaughter21/8 11:00PM
Can the XY Battle Spot link up with ORAS players, and Vice Versa? (Archived)DjHotness21/8 8:25PM