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A Swarm of Pokemon attack your house!

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3 years ago#101

Well ****.
I am here to promote the discussion and appreciation of Fennekin.
3 years ago#102
A swarm of caterpie vs my lugia. R.i.p caterpie swarm
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3 years ago#103
Mismagius are attacking me, but Scrafty shall save me. that casual swag.
I am the darkness, I am the dragon.
3 years ago#104
Lombre swarm versus my Rhyorn.

Each person might see a rose with a different shade of red, but the fact that we can all agree on is beauty -- that is a miracle.
-Michea, FFXI
3 years ago#105
Swarm of Magby vs. a Wobbufett.

I think I'll be fine.
"I... am... KROGAN!" -- Urdnot Grunt
3 years ago#106
swarm- petilil

never herd of it but it looks kinda week i might get through this

defender- whismur
im doomed
it was nice knowing you all ^_^

edit done it again to see if it was any better
swarm- articuno
defender- chatot

no comment )=
3 years ago#107
Masquerains VS a Raichu
" hey meat-kun y you no sig? :| "
3 years ago#108
lunatone vs pelipper

time to spam surf
3 years ago#109
Since the first one failed. I tried again.
A swarm of Metapod
defender Ditto
This is not funny Wyncorporation :-(
But I guess they can't destroy my house
Battle goes
Metapod uses harden
Ditto uses Transform
Metapod uses harden
Ditto uses harden
Metapod uses harden
*leaves while they spam harden*
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3 years ago#110
My pokemon: Emboar
swarm pokemon: whatever the hell you wanna throw at me.

See, I don't follow the traditional strategy. I make a team of pokemon and then focus on the power of one, while rest just serve as hm slaves. My level 100 Emboar can take on anything. He's like Superman while the rest of the pokemon are the Justice League (minus Batman). Sure, they may be powerful, but they can never really take him down (except Batman, of course).
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