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think of a pokemon before entering

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User Info: fredie11

4 years ago#1
that pokemon is now your wife/husband
to tell the truth im verry paranoid..wait a minute why are you reading this..are you stalking me are something?..likely whats your real motive?

User Info: Daemonscharm

4 years ago#2
Roggenrola. ****
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User Info: super_taco_ftw

4 years ago#3
Metagross. ****
What is the Air Speed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#4
Regigigas. ****
Hardest decisions ever:

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#5
Wobbuffet. ****
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User Info: MDS2005

4 years ago#6

Am jelly of her.

Because I'm not one myself. <_>
When I see human babies, I want to ragequit life.
You lack in the common English is an outrage.

User Info: pokemonzero

4 years ago#7
At least she has a human form.
But No Way I am only Latias' friend.
Skyla is a different story
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User Info: ssbmrocks

4 years ago#8
Gardevoir. Sweet.

Oh who am I kidding, I chose Mudkip.
Them ain't your funyuns, them's Foxxy's funyuns.

User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#9
I come from the future, ask me anything
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User Info: crystallegends3

4 years ago#10
Lugia, Somewhat ****
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