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Lol, wobby being uber.

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Dark Ghosts or Darks using Dark Special moves destroy Wobby

Encore, switch to Justified Poke.

Assuming they use survive the hit or they use a dark move.

Alternatively, they could use shadow ball or an elemental Stab so long as it's special and they are Dark type. Or any ghost with physical attacks.

You don't know how bulky Wobbuffet is do you? It can survive pretty much any unboosted attack, even boosted at full health and ohko back with the appropiate move. If as you say its a dark type special attacker or a ghost type physical attacker, use encore and then switch to a set up sweeper that resists or gets boosts from that attack. Wobbuffet is pretty much the best set-up sweeper teammate there is. With something like a Wish Blissey for further extend Wobbuffet's lifespan... Still though like anything, the player can't be completely terrible

I find that in ubers (even with its massive HP stat and moderate defenses) it can rarely survive 2 hits especially if it hard switches in (most ubers have incredible attack stats) making a good prediction key. Easier when you know the enemy is choiced in some fashion.

If it's free of damage then you can encore, if it's damaged from entry hazards or prior damage then good luck surviving for an encore or counter/mirror. I don't think wish will help too much there.

It's better to use that slot for something with a lot higher defenses and can cripple enemies with status IMO.

Also wobby is huge taunt bait, better run a scarf on it. But if you do that, he can't retaliate and encore.

I dunno man, I don't see him much at all in Ubers, others simply fill that encore roll better and the counters are not as useful as having another defensive recovery pokemon or a fast heavy hitter which essentially does OHKO's as well and less prediction involved.

Having said all of that, a lot of it comes down to what you said, the player not being terrible.

Oh, we might be talking about two different gens here too. Yeah Wobbuffet is really not cut out for this gen which had a huge power creep, thus its sitting on BL this gen actually. Yeah, many things can now OHKO includng specs Keldeo in rain and other things. Last gen though, it was pretty good in ubers doing stuff like tickling blissey so a pursuit user like scizor can kill it to pave the way for a Kyogre sweep. Not too good these days with everything hitting harder.
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TC is still in 2010

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