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Trying to decide who to take with me to the E4 on my Blaze Black Nuzlocke

#1CM_PonchPosted 3/11/2013 1:01:15 AM
Emboar and Scrafty are going to the league, but I'm deciding the rest of the team.
lvl 76 and 70 respectively

Swellow, lvl 60
Magmortar, lvl 60
Boldore, lvl 45
Victini, lvl 60
Muk, lvl 55
Stunfisk, lvl 50
Gulpin, lvl 48
Sawsbuck, lvl 55
Probopass, lvl 61
Sandslash, lvl 36
Weezing, lvl 38
Ekans, lvl 30
Steelix, lvl 62
Liepard, lvl 48
Pidgeotto, lvl 48
Altaria, lvl 72
Dusknoir, lvl 71
Masquerain, lvl73
Golurk, lvl 72

I can easily Audino grind any of the weaker members on Route 10, but I'm scared for my regulars >_>