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What do you think about the move Double Team?

#1wackyteenPosted 3/11/2013 10:07:06 AM
How do you feel? - Results (71 votes)
Top tier move
4.23% (3 votes)
High tier move
0% (0 votes)
Smart tier move
9.86% (7 votes)
Cheap tier move
18.31% (13 votes)
Should be banned
2.82% (2 votes)
Should be removed
1.41% (1 votes)
12.68% (9 votes)
It can go burn in the fiery pits of Hell
50.7% (36 votes)
This poll is now closed.
How do you feel?
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#2megamanx1291Posted 3/11/2013 10:10:09 AM
"It can go burn in the fiery pits of Hell"
There is a 0% chance of this happening.
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#3ElectricNovaPosted 3/11/2013 10:10:12 AM
I've never really tried because it's banned everywhere online, but it sure as hell must be fun going online in game and spamming it as there's no clause against it in game.
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#4ice_phoenix_Posted 3/11/2013 10:13:59 AM
Pikachu becomes anime levels of broken
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#5Coop14Posted 3/11/2013 10:17:43 AM
You can make Pikachu broken

It's fun but it's a move all on its own in terms of over powered
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#6CarbideTitanPosted 3/11/2013 10:32:25 AM
It's a legitimate strategy
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#7Grand_BluePosted 3/11/2013 10:34:54 AM
CarbideTitan posted...
It's a legitimate strategy

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#8wackyteen(Topic Creator)Posted 3/11/2013 10:49:04 AM
i hate it when an opponent uses it twice and you miss the first time but it hits the second time
The name is wackyteen for a reason. Never doubt.
#9deathguise950Posted 3/11/2013 10:58:00 AM
I would have no problem with it if only a select few pokemon could learn it. The fact that everyone can learn it is ridiculous.
#10NumberXIPosted 3/11/2013 11:07:38 AM
Indifferent. If Im not prepared for it-def keeps me on my toes in battle. On my end though its useless. Luck is not a friend of mine so i could use it a hundred times and it wouldnt matter.