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For all those that hate genwunners

#61GemininoiserPosted 3/15/2013 9:43:36 PM(edited)
framewreck posted...
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framewreck posted...
What's so annoying about them? Their opinion? What doesn't make your opinion just as annoying? There are people with more experience in Pokemon than you. Noone labels you or your opinion. And if they did all that it would just prove my point. Everyone wants the original Pokemon to be best. Including you.

The fact that they rant all the time about their so-called "opinion", rather than keeping it for themselves, is what makes them annoying. Do you see me making threads all the time to complain about stuff that I don't like?

Experience in Pokémon... seriously, dude, what does that have to do with anything? Having more or less experience on something doesn't make one's opinions automatically right or wrong.

Lastly, you're only PARTIALLY correct about me wanting the "original" Pokémon to be better (not best, mind you). Indeed, there are a few select Gen I Pokémon that I want to see being successful competitively (Dragonite, my favorite one, already is, and I'm rooting for Pinsir atm), but that's also true for each other generation, for every generation has Pokémon that I like/love and Pokémon that I despise/hate/don't care for.

If GF improves Gen I Pokémon and genwunners are made happy for that... well, more power to them. It still won't change who they are and why people hate them.

So in short you only want your favorite pokes to be the best, and hate genwunners because they do too, and actually see results?

He never said that. No one has a problem with gen 1 Pokemon being better. Only with people who worship Gen 1, and 2 sometimes, and hate the other Gens, with no logical justification, and are annoyingly vocal about worshiping the first Gens.