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Poor Oshawott (anime spoilers)

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3 years ago#11
scrappybristol posted...
Good. Get rid of Oshawott, freaking thing is annoying.

Ash needs Leavanny in his team again.

Just gonna quote this as well
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3 years ago#12
But I like Oshawott...

Maybe it's a remake of Pikachu's Goodbye. Pikachu didn't really leave.
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3 years ago#13
Unlike poor Torterra, Oshawott actually won a couple of battles. It might be not one of Ash's strongest Pokemon, but he is definitely not the weakest and he is so adorable, adds comic relief and he isn't that bad in Pokemon battles!
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3 years ago#14
Dewott Is our only hope, and the writers couldn't get that right. Oshawott is so bad that if I were to ask a kid what it starter is, and they answered with Oshawott, I'd be okay with it if they stop at Dewott, but if they kept it as an Oshawott or Samurott, and it stayed on the team...instant knee cap to the face.

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3 years ago#15
LOL he's not going anywhere unfortunately he's in the next movie
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