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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 39: Druggigon Evolution

#11mnkboy907Posted 3/17/2013 3:07:46 PM

I like Druddigon well enough, and with any luck it would be Rock/Dragon.

Nom. Swoobat x5
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#12Decon082Posted 3/17/2013 3:17:20 PM
I just don't think an evo makes much sense for Druddigon.

3 nominations for Luvdisc evolution, 2 nominations for Absol pre-evolution. If I can't do Absol because it's already been voted on for an evolution, then give all 5 to Luvdisc.
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#13pokemonzeroPosted 3/17/2013 5:00:16 PM
5 noms Pikachu Split evolution
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#14PolimarioPosted 3/17/2013 5:01:16 PM

Druddigon needs some love.
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#15J-Don-BonnePosted 3/17/2013 6:15:58 PM
5/10... meh.

Nom: Girafarig evo x3
And Chatot evo x2 (possibly referencing HarmoKnight some way or another)
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#16LunestarOmegaPosted 3/17/2013 6:17:37 PM
Druggigon just seems like a terrible Pokemon.

5 noms for Sharpedo evo
#17SymphonicGloryPosted 3/17/2013 6:39:35 PM
3/10: Druggigon is alright and could use the evo, but eh.

All nominations to Sharpedo.
#18maxthornbowPosted 3/17/2013 9:51:18 PM
5x Lumineon evo
#19ScizoreonPosted 3/18/2013 1:09:23 AM
Not entirely sure Druddigon needs one but its the only way I can see its family getting the Rock typing that I feel Druddigon was robbed of.

5 Nominations for Rapidash Evolution
#20Rose_MagePosted 3/18/2013 1:27:20 AM
Nah, it is fine as it is.
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